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Design Fiction ,Space Design. 

Dimension: 30 feet X 20 feet. On view: May 7th 2019 to May 11th 2019..



Letter Conversations | Ethnography | 5.1 Surround Music System | Mini Speakers | Objects from corporate atmosphere | Arduino | Processing | Adobe Audition | PIR Sensors | White DC supply LED light |Clocks | Cubicles | 3 Desktop | Mouse | Locked Chair |

The work is an inquiry to understand the office space within the subcontinent as an essential space in the cultural definition. The project enables an investigation of the cause of the precariousness present in the urban working class in India. And how it also related to the higher landscape of play of cultural and caste institutions in a disguised way. The installation tries to showcase nuances of the work culture that are otherwise taken for granted. The installation constructs and unfolds the existence of this unseen reality. By taking elements in a corporate working culture as ‘modes’ and by highlighting and tweaking them, a narration is allowed to emerge. Thus, Space created with sound and objects allows the formation of a disjunction that oscillates between the actual appearances and of the absurdity present.

installation documentation 

Video : 2:12 mins. video documentation of installation.

Recorded during may  2019

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