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Landscape intervention, site specific.
Dec to Jan 30 2021.
Video and essay , 10 mins.
Dimension : 100 feet X 40 Feet
Location : Site-specific work. In between rice fields, Harakal, Sirguppa, Bellary Dist
Material : Bamboo sheets , red soil, cattle waste, hay.
Video : 11 mins. video documentation of site-specific sculpture.
Recorded during 2020 Dec to Jan 2021

The site-specific intervention is an extension of artist’s

personal experiences, concerns and observation of the

natural biosphere around the river Tungabhadra river.

Situating itself by connecting with the ancient land of

Neolithic sites, a landscape with local Ashokan edicts

(Nittur) and the artist’s lived experience structured around

caste atrocities.He reinterprets the formation of sharp slits within

the boulders of the Deccan region with his intervention. The

structure unfolded itself for a month-long poetically until

the next rains hit the area. Allowing a diverse

interaction with local farmers, peasants, shepherds, kids,

birds, and other animals.

Video : 2:12 mins. video documentation of installation.
Recorded during may  2019
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