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The project was initiated during my residency stay at Lichtenburg studio, Berlin.

With the generous support of Goethe institute Bangalore. From May 30th to July 10th 2022.
Site specific Urban intervention,
On Rummelsberg bay, Paul u. Paula Ufer, 10317 Berlin, Germany.

Material : soft wood
Dimenions : 2 meter

The intervention is an idea of a ladder in the action of breaking the fences around Rummesldburg bay, of the spree river, Berlin. It is a comment and antithesis to the larger systems of border, boundaries, exclusion, and discrimination worldwide, making human suffering possible. 

The bay region is the district’s delightful place and previously housed plenty of camps for many homeless people and caravans. At fine midnight everything was evacuated on the pretext of extreme cold protection, and now the site is covered with giant cranes and bulldozers working to build high-quality condominiums. The whole area around the bay shore is fenced for the construction purpose and cleaning of the Rummesldburg bay water with a justification of being contaminated by chemicals from wartime and harmful to swimming. However, the artifact attempts to dispel the fence as a medium that justifies the bifurcation by budling the costly condominiums and corporate buildings and flagging the possibilities of cultural spaces, social housing, and letting the real estate price rise.​​​​​​​

The Ladder is constructed with softwood, and it’s nonfunctional with a wireframe body, just as an idea of erasing the borders. I See these fences are the manifestation of more extensive walls present to instill the social sorting of people because of Class, Caste, Race, Gender, and geographical inequalities.

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